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Hand Made Clam Shell Boxes

Preserving Memories and Knowledge
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Clam Shell Boxes are used by Libraries, Museums, The Library of Congress and
serious book collectors as the method of preserving rare, valuable, or restored books.
Placing your restored bible in such a box will likely make your bible never need
another restoration.  Clams Shell Boxes protect against all the types of damage that
cause books to fail.

We offer several styles of box for Bibles. There is no difference in protection quality
from a basic box to our Style 4 box, they all protect equally, the difference is in
appearance.  If you just want protection for a bible to be stored in a closet or or a
shelf, the basic box is perfect.  If you want to give the bible as a gift and you want a
nice looking case, then Style 2 or 3 are excellent choices.

If your want to display your bible on a book shelf, spine out or front cover out,
Styles 3 or 4 are the best choices.

Each of our bible boxes are hand built to within 1 millimeter tolerances,  from acid
free materials.  Each box has a double wall thicknesses on both the lower and upper
trays.  I believe we are the only bindery doing double wall upper and lower trays. Any
of our boxes can be customized, for color, for titles, for designs.  Most people pick
one of the five styles.   We have searched high and low for the best and most durable
materials and we now line our trays with a Tyvek based material which we hand dye
in black or dark brown tints to create a shadow box effect for the bible.  Some of the
pictures show different color trays, but we recommend the darker shades for visual
“When I open them, most of the books have the smell of an earlier time leaking out between the pages - a special odor of the knowledge and
emotions that for ages have been calmly resting between the covers.”  ― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore
Bible Box Style #1 -  this is a basic box done in a
cloth exterior with brown or black inner trays.  
We include a label on the spine, stamped in gold,
up to three lines of text, and bordered in gold.
You pick the text. Most people opt for the
Family Name and Bible.  Example:
Smith - Jones
Family Bible

Popular exterior colors are: Kelley Green,
Chocolate Brown, Maroon, and Wine, but we
can customize to almost any color of you
provide a swatch.

Box cost - $235.00
Bible Box Style #2 - 1/4 Leather spine with art
paper covers; embossed leather with stamped
label.  This box has a 1/4 leather spine of
premium goatskin, with a 3, 4 or 5 panel design
embossed on the leather. The cover boards
papers are hand made by us and are a rich blend
of blues, blacks, browns and reds.  Every paper
is unique and will look sort of like the pictures
but not exactly.  This is a super nice box at a
resaonable cost that makes a "wow"

Box cost - $300.00
Bible Box Style #3 - 1/4 leather spine, 3,4 or 5
panel design, blind embossed in high details.  
The panel design is made from raised cords,
with lined patterns on either side of the cords.
Each panel design is determined by the binder
when the box is made.  The bible name is placed
in the second panel from the top on a label
stamped in gold. The covers are made from our
own hand made art papers in rich blue, black,
brown and red colors.  A box that will look
great on a shelf or a coffee table. This is the
most popular box style select when people are in
the shop and see all the samples side by side.

Bible Box Style #4 - 1/4 leather spine, in 3, 4
or 5 panel design, with raised bands,  blind
embossed panel designs which are then hand
tinted to create an amazing depth to the spine
detail.  The Bible title is stamped directly onto
the spine in 22K gold. The cover boards are
our own hand made archival papers.  This is
the second most poplar box style selected at
the shop, and it looks amazing no matter how
it is displayed.


Upgrade to the Ultimate Bible Box - in lieu of
hand tinting the embossed areas, the spine
designs are all hand stamped in 22K gold.