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David Donahue
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1241 Carpenter St. Studio 319
Philadelphia, Pa 19147
Email address:

Shop Hours and Appointments:

Visitors are  welcome in our shop, but appointments are necessary.  

Normal hours are M-F 8:30 to 4:00.  David can be available for Saturday appointments,
but you need to speak directly with him to schedule that.  He is usually available one or
two Saturdays per month.  

Directions:  The studio is located in an old industrial converted factory located at 1241
Carpenter Street,  Studio 319,  Philadelphia. 19147.   For reference, Carpenter Street is
located about eight blocks south of Market. It is easily within walking distance of most
center city locations.   

We have an old freight elevator if you cannot handle two flights of stairs, but if you are
elevator phobic, this is not the ride for you.   But if you like creepy, creaky old elevators
this is a real treat.

Street parking is almost always available within one block during business hours. If you
are dropping off multiple books, or cannot walk up stairs, the building has a loading dock
in the rear, and a freight elevator, but you will need to call us when you arrive, so we can
bring the elevator down for you.  If you can't parallel park on a city street (like my wife)
let us know that when you call and we'll make suitable arragement.

Shipping a Book in:

UPS and FEDEX deliver to our the building every day if you wish to ship a book for
evaluation.  Make sure your shipper knows this is a business address, the shipping rates
are lower.  

If you ship in via Postal Service, make sure you purchase signature confimation delivery  
for an extra $2.00.    UPS and FedEx have automatic signature delivery, so we can track
any package down.  We have never lost a package, but we have had to track a couple
down, as this is a multi-tenant building.  The shipping address is:

David Donahue Restorations
1241 Carpenter Street
Studio 319
Philadelphia, Pa 19147

You do not have to call us before you ship a book in, but make sure you put all your
contact information in with the book.   Name, address, phone number, best time to call if
we have questions,  and an email address. We supply detailed written estimates for all
books, and the estimates are sent by email.