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Preserving Memories and Knowledge
1241 Carpenter St. Studio 319
Philadelphia, Pa 19147
Book: History of England Vol 1. Author George Craik,

Single volume acquired by a bookseller to complete a
set.   This volume had detached boards and heavily
damaged leather on the spine at the top and bottom.  
This is a fine binding, heavily tooled on the spine so i
was necessary to retain as much original spine leather
as possible with the tooling intact to insure an
adequate match to the other volume.   Boards were
removed, leather covers and end papers lifted, a new
backing substrate of natural color calf leather was
prepared, pared to the correct thickness and applied
over the spine.  New hinges were sewn through the
shoulder, and the boards reattached.  The original
spine leather was laid on the new backing material,
then the new calf material was dyed to produce a
matching aged looked.  Typical Repair cost for a
book this size and conditon - $165-$195.00
“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
― C.S. Lewis
Our Noblest Friend The Horse, Author
Francis W. Ware

Private owner, family heirloom given as a
gift.  The cover was uncased and mostly
detached, the spine covering material
missing some sections at the top and
bottom, headbands missing, pages loose at
front and rear.

Treatment:  Cloth reback was required.   
Covers were fully detached from damaged
spine section.  Loose pages removed and
stored.   Old hinging material soaked off.  
New hinge material glued on and sewed
through the shoulders. Red and gold
headbands installed.  New hollow tube
made and installed.  Existing boards had
end papers and cloth covers lifted.  New
cloth backing applied and pasted down
under lifted cover.   New hinges pasted
down under end papers.  Original spine
material laid on over new backing material.  
Backing cloth dyed to match original
covers.  Color touch up to the balance of
the original covers.    Typical Repair cost
New leather spine and
board corners; resewn
text block; marble board
restoration.  $245.00

Clam Shell Storage box
with 1/4 leather spine;
title stamped in gold on
spine and front cover.
A moderately difficult restoration due to the book
size, broken sewing on the signatures and the brass
edge.  Still, it came out nicely and looks great in the
clam shell box with marble papers.
Typical Family Bible Restoration
Early 18th Century Bible - boards were off,
signature sewing cords broken; spine leather

Sewed cord extensions onto original cord
sections; made a new leather spine cover hand
dyed to match the boards.